Where to Watch Season 8

Doctor Who Season 8 Where to Watch TV Stations Online Theaters Cinemas

Doctor Who Season 8 Premier Episode 1 “Deep Breath” is airing in 5 DAYS!  Are you ready? :)

Here’s a quick list of where to watch:

US: 8:15pm ET on BBC America
UK: 7:50pm BST on BBC 1
Canada: 8pm ET on Space
Australia: 4:50am AET (Sunday, 8/24) on ABC1
New Zealand: 7:30pm NZT (Sunday, 8/31) on Prime
Germany: 9pm CET on Fox
Finland: 7:10pm EST (Sunday, 8/24) on YLE 2
Poland: 8:50pm CET on BBC Entertainment
Latin America: 10pm CT on BBC Entertainment

Here’s where to watch Doctor Who Season 8 online:

Amazon Instant Video: Doctor Who Season 8 on Amazon

iTunes Season Pass: Doctor Who Season 8 on iTunes

Watch the Premier in theaters and cinemas:

Monday August 25: Get tickets here for showings on Monday.

Saturday August 23 at Midnight: Tickets for limited screenings in 12 cities on Saturday at midnight are here.

See the full list of where to watch Doctor Who.

Special Midnight Screening Just Added for Season 8 Premier in 12 US Cities

Doctor Who Season 8 Premier Midnight Screening

A special midnight screening of Season 8 Episode 1 “Deep Breath” is showing in the following US cities:

  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Detroit
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Salt Lake City
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Washington DC

Tickets for the midnight screening are available here and tickets for the Monday August 25 screening are here.

Sorry Philly :(

Deep Breath Trailer for Series 8 Episode 1

Doctor Who Deep Breath Trailer Season 8 Episode 1

Deep Breath Trailer for Series 8 Episode 1

Another teaser trailer for Deep Breath which airs in 10 DAYS!

Also airing in theaters around the world, did you get tickets yet? :)