Clueless Who: 3D Tablet Cover

Clueless Who - 3D Tablet Cover

(Need an introduction to Clueless Who?)

I’ve considered picking up a tablet lately, so when I was visiting my friend Sharon, I noticed hers and the cover she had on it.

Vintage 3D glasses. It’s been a hot minute since the last time I’ve seen those bad boys: I waited hours at Wendy’s to get my exclusive T.G.I.F. specs. (I needed to watch Urkel dressed as a pirate firing a cannonball through my television set.) But this tablet cover was not a reference to ABC’s promotional 3D week, so I decided to do some googling. Continue Reading

Introducing Our New Guest Blogger… Clueless Who

Clueless Who

Greetings Doctor Who Fans! Tomorrow, we will be debuting the first article from one of our new guest bloggers. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce him and give you a bit of background before you’re unwittingly immersed in his literary masterpieces.

Brian Durkin will be publishing a new column on Doctor Who .com called Clueless Who. Brian is an avid sci-fi fan, movie buff, and all around great guy. He certainly has the street cred needed to be a true Whovian (he’s even worked at major comic book stores – think Stuart from Big Bang Theory), but alas, none of his friends have been able to truly get him into Doctor Who. Many have tried, all have failed.

Brian, in an overt attempt at catharsis due to the years of being left in the dark and impaled by countless Doctor Who references from many of us here, has agreed to confront his malaise and attempt to discover Doctor Who by writing about random topics that we feed to him.

His unique perspective on the show should prove entertaining and possibly even insightful. Look for his first article tomorrow.