The Master Would Approve – MST3K Riffs Doctor Who

Doctor Who Meets MST3K Riffs Mashups S06E07 A Good Man Goes to War
The Master would approve.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 / MST3K meets Doctor Who in these mashups!

Now I have Torgo’s Theme stuck in my head :)

Doctor Who Meets MST3K Riffs Mashups S06E01 The Impossible Astronaut
S06E01 The Impossible Astronaut – Fly me to the moon, let me swing among the stars.
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Cast of Doctor Who Does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Here are all the videos of Doctor Who actors doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

John Barrowman – Captain Jack Harkness

Matt Smith – 11th Doctor

Karen Gillen – Amy Pond

Arthur Darvill – Rory

Still waiting on David Tennant :)

Unless you want to count this:

Japanese Doctor Who

Japanese Doctor Who Video

Ho ho ho, it’s the Sonic Screw Sword!