Doctor Who on Minecraft

Doctor Who Minecraft Skins Pack Doctors Daleks Companions

Minecraft is getting Doctor Who themed skins on Xbox 360 starting October 3rd.

“Doctor Who Skins Volume One” will contain 6 Doctors. From what I can see it looks like 4th Doctor Tom Baker, 6th Doctor Colin Baker, 11th Doctor Matt Smith, and 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi, which leaves 2 Doctors to be revealed. UPDATE: Includes 1st Doctor William Hartnell and the 9th Doctor Christopher Eccleston.

Daleks are included as well as companions Clara, Amy and Rory, and a few more. UPDATE: Includes Rose and all companions for all included Doctors

UPDATE: There are 54 characters in all. Plus 1st and 9th Doctors. Including The Master, Davros, The Silence, Weeping Angels, Zygons, Ice Warriors, Clockwork Droids from the Girl in the Fireplace, Vashta Nerada from Silence in the Library and each of The Doctor’s companions.

Here are a few pics of Doctor Who on Minecraft:
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Doctor Who World Tour New York Sold Out in Under One Minute

Doctor Who World Tour New York Details

Wow, the Doctor Who World Tour tickets sold out FAST!  The moment the event was made public on EventBrite, it was instantly sold out.

Fans were directed to go to the EventBrite homepage and search for the New York (venue TBD, later revealed to be Ziegfeld Theater) event at 12 noon ET today. When it was made public at 12:08pm, it was already sold out.

Lots of unhappy fans here, here and here.

There are two eBay auctions up so far starting at $200 and $250 per ticket. The face value of one ticket is $12 plus a $1.65 service charge.

To those that managed to get tickets, have fun for all of us!

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