Lost Episodes Go On Sale This Week (UPDATED)

Doctor Who Lost Episodes Found

It looks like the rumor from a few months ago is true: a treasure trove of lost episodes have been found and will be available for sale this week.

Around 100 episodes were recovered from an engineer who worked for several broadcasters in Africa. This will complete many incomplete serials from the Patrick Troughton years. There are 106 episodes missing in total.

Just in time for the 50th Anniversary!

via RadioTimes

UPDATE: The BBC will host a press conference and release more info later this week.

UPDATE 2: They have released nine episodes which are available on iTunes.

50th Anniversary Special Broadcast Update

UPDATE: All info about the 50th Anniversary Special is now on the 50th Anniversary Special Master Guide page.

I just updated the Where to Watch Doctor Who page with new information just released from the BBC about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary simulcast.

It sounds like it may be available in cinemas and theaters outside the UK! More info coming soon.

Here are all of the countries where the 50th Anniversary special will be shown.  Continue Reading

Fifth Doctor Peter Davison Will Be Part of 50th Anniversary

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary David Tennant Peter Davison

Peter Davison says he will be involved in the 50th Anniversary, but avoids specifics about appearing in the anniversary episode “The Day of the Doctor” which airs on November 23rd.

He was also a featured guest on “Doctor Who Live” last month when they announced Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor.