David Tennant Returns to Doctor Who

David Tennant Returns to Doctor Who

David Tennant is returning to Doctor Who!!!

It’s official that both David Tennant and Billie Piper are both returning for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary.  Filming begins this week. More updates to follow.

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  1. zach glenn says:

    So that means that it is the 10th doctors “human” version that was spawned from this hand, that went into the Parallel universe with rose

  2. Diana Fehir says:

    Thank God! I wish David would make cameo appearances. I miss him a lot.

  3. i wonder how they’ll do that? it would be great if rose and 10 meet clara and 11!

  4. Larryloppy says:


    I can’t wait till they come back They are my fav characters!!!

  5. renessa says:

    omg i love david tennent he will always be my doctor, i cant belive there returning for a totally awesome special, yay :) CAN’T WAIT!

  6. I want to get that 50th Aniversary Countdown APP for my Kindle Fire!

  7. OMG my moms head will EXPLODE-(I CANT miss that :D) ( mom walks in room) *BOOM*

  8. Wendy Hastings says:

    Does that mean that he is returning only for the 50th anniversary special or is he returning for good as the doctor and Matt Smith is out? I like both Tennant and Smith …

  9. best doctor ever, glad he’s back.

  10. david revient



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