Have Lost Episodes Recently Been Found? (UPDATED)

Doctor Who Lost Episodes Found

According to Bleeding Cool, many lost Doctor Who episodes from the early years have been found in the hands of an engineer who worked for several broadcasters in Africa.

This would make previously incomplete serials now complete as there are over 100 missing episodes. It’s unclear just how many have been found.

We’ll have to wait a few months at least. Looking forward to this 50th Anniversary present!

UPDATE: There’s going to be a press conference about this missing episodes.

UPDATE 2: FINALLY! Nine episodes have been released on iTunes.

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  1. this show is awsome

  2. seriosly reece this is BIG lost doctor who eps cool i wana see em

  3. but u are right

  4. Jared Reed says:

    Where can you go to buy these someone please give me a link of some information on buying the lost episodes



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