Matt Smith Leaving Doctor Who

The BBC announced today that Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who.  He’ll appear in the 50th Anniversary Special, then regenerate in the Christmas Special at the end of 2013.

Will Matt Smith regenerate into John Hurt? Is John Hurt the 12th Doctor? What about Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman being confirmed for Season 8? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Counting down to Matt Smith’s final two episodes: there are 175 days until the 50th Anniversary and 207 days until the Christmas Special when he regenerates.

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  1. Phyllis says:

    I have watched Doctor Who since it was first seen on American Tv. I taped every episode on VHS tapes then, now I am changeing them to DVDS. Icopied all of the VHS tapes to DVDS. The ones that messed up I am trying to replace with pretaped DVDs. I have loved every Doctor Who and I am sorry to see Matt Smith leave the show. .

  2. I have loved Dr Who since the 4th doctor. I just hated to see Christopher and David go, but we know in our hearts that they had to. Do to the 50th coming up, they could keep Matt another season (since the season’s are very short)

  3. Sorry to see Matt leave but not Jenna-Louise

  4. BILL WISH says:

    WHY is he is MAT Leaving ?
    i to started with the 4 doctor Tom Baker .

  5. finally!!!
    i thought he would never regenerate. i like matt and all but after a while he gets kinda old.


      When a GREAT DOCTOR like Matt Smith leaves, i get worried that the new Doctor won’t be as good or that he’ll play the role wrong. Hopefully the new Doctor is up to scratch!!!!!!!!

  6. i loved your shows but i’ll miss you very much



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