New Doctor Will Be Announced This Fall

Who is the next Doctor?

New information points to the next Doctor being revealed this fall, or possibly at the end of the summer, just before the Christmas Special begins filming.

Previously, filming was scheduled to start in July, but now it may be August or September. The BBC is planning to announce the 12th Doctor then.

Some say the next Doctor has been chosen and another has already announced who it is. Nothing official yet.

So only about 2 months to go until we know.

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  1. On Your Doorstep!

  2. I’m On Your Doorstep!


    I really want to know who the knew Doctor is!!!!! The suspense is killing me!!!

  4. i havent even seen the second half of season 7 of the new version watching them on netflix i bought half of season 7 now saving for the rest last on i saw was angels take Manhattan sadest one yet that iv see well every parting of the companions is sad but amy and rory where probably my fav companions

  5. That is not enough time for me to finish my audition video for the role as the twelfth doctor



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