“Mummy on the Orient Express” Season 8 Episode 8 Airs October 11

Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 8 Mummy on the Orient Express S08E08

S08E08 “Mummy On the Orient Express” Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 8 airs Saturday, October 11th 2014. Here’s where you can watch this episode:

Amazon Instant Video: S08E08 “Mummy on the Orient Express”
iTunes Season Pass: S08E08 “Mummy on the Orient Express”
Watch Doctor Who Live Stream Online: BBC iPlayer

US: 9pm ET on BBC America
UK: 8:35pm BST on BBC 1
Canada: 9pm ET on Space
Australia: 7:40pm AET Sunday on ABC1
New Zealand: 7:30pm NZT Sunday 1 week later on Prime
Germany: 9:30pm CET on Fox

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Trailers, clips and previews:
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Doctor Who Posters for Season 8

All the Doctor Who posters for Season 8 from RadioTimes:

Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 1 Premier Deep Breath Poster S08E01
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Doctor Who on Minecraft

Doctor Who Minecraft Skins Pack Doctors Daleks Companions

Minecraft is getting Doctor Who themed skins on Xbox 360 starting October 3rd.

“Doctor Who Skins Volume One” will contain 6 Doctors. From what I can see it looks like 4th Doctor Tom Baker, 6th Doctor Colin Baker, 11th Doctor Matt Smith, and 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi, which leaves 2 Doctors to be revealed. UPDATE: Includes 1st Doctor William Hartnell and the 9th Doctor Christopher Eccleston.

Daleks are included as well as companions Clara, Amy and Rory, and a few more. UPDATE: Includes Rose and all companions for all included Doctors

UPDATE: There are 54 characters in all. Plus 1st and 9th Doctors. Including The Master, Davros, The Silence, Weeping Angels, Zygons, Ice Warriors, Clockwork Droids from the Girl in the Fireplace, Vashta Nerada from Silence in the Library and each of The Doctor’s companions.

Here are a few pics of Doctor Who on Minecraft:
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