50th Anniversary Product Roundup: Top 7 Most Wanted Items

As the 50th Anniversary approaches, we’re all looking for what’s new in the world of Doctor Who. To help you out with this, we’ve assembled a list of the 7 most wanted items from the realm of time-traveling memorabilia.


Character Building Mini-Figure 4-Pack
These minifigs, just like the TARDIS, may appear to be dimensionally transcendental. But have no fear – they are simply little versions of The Doctor waiting to find a home in your collection of Whovian stuff. Comes in random packs of 4 so be ready to trade with your friends to get all 11. Most have sonic screwdrivers and 7 has the question mark umbrella.

50th Anniversary Chrome TARDIS Floating Pen
You probably won’t be able to open an airlock with this, but maybe your writing skills can open other doors in your future.

All Doctors and TARDIS Collage Black T-Shirt
Moons of Madness! Show off the faces of each of the 11 Doctors with this strikingly elegant design. Also comes in a juniors / fitted version.

11 Doctor Outfits and TARDIS Gray T-Shirt
This t-shirt features the iconic outfits of each Doctor presented in order, ending with the TARDIS.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Monopoly Board Game
A must have for any Monopoly or board game lover. Forget about Park Place and Boardwalk, this collector’s edition of Monopoly will have you circling the universe until the end of time – literally. Perfect for Doctor Who cosplay parties – exterminate your opponents in style.

Doctor Who Yahtzee 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Game
One can hardly think of anything more brilliant than a TARDIS-dice shaker. But that’s exactly what this is – A Doctor Who version of the famous Yahtzee dice game.
Doctor Who Limited Edition Complete Series 1-7 Blu-ray Giftset with Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control

Doctor Who: Complete Series 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-Ray Giftset
Possibly one of the ultimate items for the Doctor Who fan. This kit includes the complete series in Blu-Ray (seasons 1 through 7) and a sonic screwdriver universal remote control – all in one limited edition package.

*SPOILERS* “The Day of the Doctor” Preview From Children in Need

I’m generally against spoilers but it’s for charity :)

You’ve been warned!

50th Anniversary Countdown: 7 Days

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Countdown 7 Days Sylvester McCoy

Just 1 week left!

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