Thank You from Matt Smith

Doctor Who Thank You From Matt Smith

Matt Smith recorded a Thank You message for Doctor Who fans while he was on location in Detroit. He’s leaving Doctor Who at the end of 2013. Thanks for four years!

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  1. Hi Matt Smith why did you leave doctor who and i cryed on the last seace off it and when is the next one coming up Lots of Love Samantha Your biggest Fan

  2. hi matt smith i love your shows i even want a doctor who themed party and i love the weeping angels

  3. but i like david tennant better but!!! i still like matt smith hes awesome i dont know how he acts so good i really want a doctor who themed party i really love doctor who

  4. matt smith is never going to anser me is he im crying right now i really want to meet him

  5. I’m at your Door!

  6. hello matt smith im like your biggest fan im even on the scerys where he is on i love his shows

  7. carwyn are you the doctor look alike are you famas if you are then tell me please from tim burr

  8. I just heard some odd news that their thinking about having the new Dr. being a female. I hope it isn’t true.


    I don’t think there should be a female doctor either. it just seems WRONG!!!!!!!! Besides wouldn’t that make the fact that the Doctor was married and how he loved Rose just plain WEIRD? I agree with you Lacy!!!!!!

  10. Gabriel Innocent says:

    Hello my name is Gabriel and i am 12-years old and from Norway. I just finished season 6, and i am a big fan of you Matt Smith. who the man!!!!!! i hate that he is leaving. He did a great jobb

  11. Ummmm what are you talkin about girl doctor ya ask me that just be weird!!!!
    i vote man and if it was a girl i dont wana see no shirtless man in the tardis! LOL!
    still if any body cares id preffer a boy doctor girls just dont seem right im not sayn girls are bad i mean i am one still PLEASE DOCTOR STAY A BOY!!!!!!!!!

  12. Where is his hair?!?!

  13. stephanie says:

    Ohhh i just love doctor whooo so much i wish i met matt smith and why did u change ur cute hairstyle? i luv u so much



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